The T1 V10 Crankcase and Evap Kit is a fairly universal kit that can be adapted to work with a variety of aftermarket turbo kits and intake manifolds, on either Lamborghini Huracan or second generation Audi R8's. The intake manifold will need to be removed to install this system. 

With the intake manifold off you can plumb in the provided hose/check valve assembly to the two hoses coming off the front of each intake plenum. You will also be transferring the OEM valve cover fitting from your stock system to the provided hose. This fitting can be easily worked off with a bit of heat applied to the hose to soften it up, and then also transferred to our hose using the same method:

You will reuse the OEM hoses and Y-fitting off the two plenums, connect the Y-fitting to our assembly, and attach with the provided Oetiker clamp. The opposite end of our assembly will exit between two runners and terminate on the valve cover:

Next, we will add in the crankcase check valve/breather vent. We have highlighted which OEM hose needs to be cut in the picture below, which is where the provided T-fitting will be inserted and crimped to:

There are two versions of this T-fitting and hose assembly, but functionally they are identical and will resemble the picture below for connecting to the OEM line:

Once you have each end of the OEM hose crimped to each end of the T-fitting using the provided Oetiker clamps you can route the line with the breather vent up to the driver side quarter panel cavity. If the engine bay trim panels haven't been removed, they should be to make routing and mounting this easier. Below you can see a rough idea on how to run the hose, but there are a number of ways this can be done, and a number of ways to secure the hose/filter assembly in it's final location:

There are two small check valves provided that will be plumbed in line of OEM hoses, which are shown below. Note the direction of air flow on the valves and crimp using the provided Oetiker clamps. These OEM hoses connect to the only other two fittings on the front of the intake plenums:

The last components to install will be the two line assemblies designed to be plumbed into a pair of air intakes, and are finished on the intake side with -06AN hose ends. As is shown in the picture below, you will reuse the OE one way valve that is plumbed to the OEM air box and intake plenum, but will no longer use the lines running to the airbox:

This is how the assembly will look once completed (crimp provided Oetiker clamp on new line):

The longer of our two lines with the check valve installed will be plumbed to the driver side turbo intake:

The passenger side line is a bit more confusing, but the following diagrams will help in determining where it is hooked up. Follow the color coding to keep from confusing the lines:

The passenger side line will also take the place of plumbing that was going to the airbox, which will now be completely deleted. Attach as seen below using provided Oetiker clamp to secure: