The T1 M1 Keypad Harness comes terminated and ready to pair with your MoTeC ECU. The pin out for the Master ECU Adapter Box is as follows:

Red - Breakout Pin E01 - 12v

Black - Breakout Pin E08 - Gnd

White - Breakout Pin E33 - CAN 1 HI

Green - Breakout Pin E32 - CAN 1 LO

If you are also going to be using the T1 M1 V10 GPS Harness, both harnesses are intended to be wired into the same locations at the ECU. Luckily, we can retain both by simply using the T1 CAN Splitter and the short ECU-side harness off either the GPS or Keypad Harness. With the CAN Splitter inline between the ECU-side harness and both main Keypad and GPS harnesses you will have one ECU-side harness left over not being used.

This is how the harness will look assembled with just the keypad wired in:

This shows both the GPS and Keypad harnesses wired in, with the CAN splitter being utilized, note the extra ECU-side short harness that will not be used.