*Installation of this kit should only be performed by a qualified technician and before any work is performed the battery power should be disconnected completely from the battery.*

The T1 BPC power supply harness takes care of the fusing and high current power supply wires from the battery to the BPC in the R8 and Huracan. The kit uses high quality 4 AWG wire, an easily resettable circuit breaker, and uses RADLOK firewall bulkheads and connectors for a solid and clean connection each time it must go through a firewall.

We typically choose to start working forward from the BPC100 to the first RADLOK bulkhead, which will be positioned on an OEM plastic bulkhead located on the passenger (right side) of the cabin, in the footwell. You will use the longest wire in the kit, which has a normal eyelet one one end and a RADLOK connector on the other.  Routing this power wire will be substantially easier with the carpet either removed, or pulled away from the right side door sill area. You can see how we typically route it in the pictures below, starting from the red label wire on the BPC:

The black plastic bulkhead we will be using looks like this from the cabin side and can be found above some of the OEM wiring components on the firewall:

And this from the front trunk area:

This panel can be easily accessed, removed, and then reinstalled once the RADLOK bulkhead is mounted. Obviously our electrical bulkhead is installed in the pictures already, but once completed your setup will look similar. Please note that the current kits use RADLOK connectors which are not identical to the bulkheads pictured above. The RADLOK are much more serviceable and are a higher quality connector. 

Each RADLOK connector kits consist of a pair of connectors, a bulkhead, a rubber seal, and the mounting hardware. We include a set of four longer M4 bolts which will be used on this panel connector. The rubber seal should be located on the exterior side of the panel and the four holes per bulkhead should be drilled out to 11/64. The rubber seal also serves as a great template for marking your four holes. When connecting, make sure and push firmly until you feel/hear the connector click into the locked position.

With the OEM panel reinstalled you can connect the cabin side RADLOK connector, and move on to routing the main ground wire from the BPC to the nearby OEM ground. This wire is clearly labeled "BATT -" and has an eyelet on both ends.  You can see the ground wire run parallel to the power wire we just ran before it branches off to the grounding location.

Next we will move to installing the second RADLOK bulkhead which will be located on a portion of the battery compartment. In order to drill the holes for this connector you will want to remove the battery and anything around it needed to fit your drill into the installation area. The holes are only able to be drilled from inside this cavity as the area is not accessible with a drill from the outside. For an idea of the location, see the picture below which is taken from the passenger wheel well area:

From inside the battery compartment, this is what your completed bulkhead and power wire will look like:

Once you have these holes drilled you can install the bulkhead using the included four shorter M4 bolts.  The only cable in the kit with RADLOK connectors on both end will be used to connect the firewall to the battery compartment. 

Installation is all done hill from here! The 13.5" cable with a single RADLOK connector and eyelet end can be connected on the RADLOK battery compartment bulkhead, and you can use this to set the position of the circuit breaker on the battery itself. The circuit breaker is attached using the provided velcro; use an alcohol based cleaner to clean both mating surfaces on the battery and the circuit breaker. 

With the circuit breaker attached you can now install the last cable between the opposite post of the circuit breaker and the positive post of the battery as seen below:

This concludes installation of the BPC power/ground wiring!