T1 M1 AWD Harness - Huracan/R8
DT6 Pigtail  Pin to Slave Ecu
PinColorIDM1 PinM1 ResourceNotes
1Violet  CAN LoD18CAN 1 LoPin directly to ecu, install plug at adaptor
2YellowCAN HiD17CAN 1 HiPin directly to ecu, install plug at adaptor
3Black0vA26Sensor 0v CSplice in to current jumper wire
4BrownPressure SignalB3UDIG8Pin directly to ecu, install plug at adaptor
5RedTemp SignalA1AT5Pin directly to ecu, install plug at adaptor
6WhitePump PWMB21HB8Pin directly to ecu, install plug at adaptor

  •  Pin the pigtail to the slave ecu as outlined above.  This will allow later removal of the ecu easily without being permanantly tied to the car.
  • The long loom with DT terms crimped on already will be routed from the OE Haldex controller connectors.  Remove the OE Haldex controller completely.  We typically run the loom down the tunnel under the car and up to the slave  ecu.
  • The DT connector is not installed yet, allowing easier routing to the slave ecu.  Once routed install the terminals in the DT connector, wire color/locaiton noted above.


Calibration Configuration

  • Set CAN Bus 1 Mode to 500kbps in the slave ecu.
  • Set Transfer CAN bus to CAN Bus 1
  • Set Transfer resources as shown below

  • The remaining setup and programming information can be found in Tune.  Help / Firmware Help / Transfer
  • This works with all Huracan firmware version 01.06.0532 and later ONLY
  • It is important that the slave ecu program is setup and loaded before powering the car with the OE controller removed.  The OE controller sends out multiple CAN messages that will be missing once removed.  The slave ecu sends out those messages in place of the controller, but only once the Transfer CAN bus and output resources are set
  • You will want to configure the slave ecu with the vehicle powered down.  You can do this by opening/closing the door to wake the ecu up.  You can either connect to the slave and make the necessary changes or you can load a pre configured file this way, but doing it this way will prevent faults in other modules that will need cleared.