The GT1R ABS Delete Harness is designed to remove each wheel speed sensor's signal and power at the ABS unit. Cutting both wires for each sensor is required and each wire will be terminated into a provided 8-pin DTM connector. A DTM crimper will be required for installation of the provided pins.   The pinout for the connector is as follows:

1  FL -

2 FR -

3 RL -

4 RR -

5 FL +

6 FR +

7 RL +

8 RR +


The following images illustrate the OE wiring and which will be cut, along with their descriptions: 

Diagram, schematic

Description automatically generated

Engineering drawing

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Like the GT1R Secondary Injection Harness, the section of wire designed to pass through the factory firewall grommet is left unterminated and a 12-pin DTM is provided to be installed after being run into the cabin. The factory firewall grommet located in the battery tray area is the recommended location to pass the harness through. The 12-pin DTM already has the necessary pins installed and just needs to have them installed in the provided connector. A series of bands identifies the appropriate sensor and corresponding wires.  

Black Ident – FL

Brown Ident – FR

Red Ident – RL

Orange Ident – RR


The pinout and wire colors are as follows:


1 FL Signal (White/Blue) – Black Ident

2 FR Signal (White/Blue) – Brown Ident  

3 RL Signal (White/Blue) – Red Ident

4 RR Signal (White/Blue) – Orange Ident

5 FL & FR + (White) - Black and Brown Ident

6 RL & RR + (White) – Red and Orange Ident

7 Drain (Black)

8 Not Used

9 Not Used

10 Not Used

11 Not Used

12 Not Used

 The cabin side mating DTM 12SK connector has a total of six wires to terminate as follows:

FL Gray/Black – MoTeC B-connector, pin 3

FR Gray/Brown – MoTeC B-connector, pin 4

RL Gray/Red – MoTeC B-connector, pin 5

RR Gray/Orange – MoTeC B-connector, pin 6

0V Black/Gray – Chassis Ground

Red – Switched 12V