Installation of the GT1R OPR Kit will be significantly easier to do with the engine out, and should be handled by a qualified technician. This kit is designed to work with many turbo kits on the market, but may not work with every single one.  If your turbo kit uses hard turbo feed lines, this will not work as this kit is designed.  The existing turbo oil feed lines will be reused in most cases, so do not discard. This kit introduces the Turbsmart Oil Pressure Regulator in between the factory turbo oil distribution block and the turbo oil feed lines.  The returned oil will be routed back to either the factory oil fill neck located on the bank 1 valve cover, or a block-off plate in the same spot that some dry sump kits come with.  

To begin installation you will use the supplied allen head bolt and crush washer to block off the bank 1 oil feed on the factory oil distribution block. The distribution block is located on the backside of the engine as seen in the diagram below:

The bank two side on the block will now feed the Turbosmart oil pressure regulator using the provided banjo. Once installed your block should look as follows:

The Turbosmart OPR and provided bracket can be installed in a couple different places in the area between the lower intake plenum and coolant transfer uterus.  In the picture below you can see it mounted on the lower intake plenum of an AMS Carbon/Billet Intake Manifold.   You can also see the provided -03AN line running from the banjo fitting on the distribution block to the right side of the OPR as seen below:

The -03AN line will route under the coolant uterus pipe and install on the fitting of the distribution block with the 90* side on the distribution block side:

As you see above, the provided -04AN line (use the shorter of the two) runs from the opposite side of the OPR and will end at the stainless -04 Y-fitting.  The picture below shows this line installed on the fitting and the two individual turbo feed lines branching off. In the picture below a T-fitting is used, but the production kits come with a nicer stainless steel Y-fitting as seen in the primary product image.

The only remaining line is the 30" long -04AN which is the return line from the back of the OPR.  Typically this line will run in the center valley up towards the front of the bank 1 valve cover.  With the provided -04AN to 1/8NPT 90* fitting you will tap either the factory fill neck or the block off plate of the fill neck.  It is recommended to use a sealing tape on the threads of the NPT side.

Double check all fittings have been secured and installation is complete!