(2) 6AN lines, 30” long, 90° hose ends

(1) 6AN line, 12” long, 90° hose ends

(4) 6AN to 6AN-ORB adaptors

(2) 6AN to 5/16 barb adaptors

(1) 3’ section of 5/16 fuel injection hose

(4) 5/16 hose clamps

All lines should be thoroughly cleaned prior to use, flushing with running water is usually the best method here.

Do not use Teflon tape on any fittings in this system.

This fuel line kit is designed to be used with the rails in series and with the stock fuel pressure regulator. Running the rails in series uses less parts and ensures no vapor pockets form in the lines and rails.

The assembly is very easy. You’ll install the (4) 6AN to 6AN-ORB adaptors in the ends of the fuel rails. The end with the radius and o-ring screws into the rails. Use a small amount of lube on the o-rings before installation.

The 12” long line will connect from the rear of the driver’s side rail to the OEM 5/16” supply line. One of the 5/16 barb adaptors will go at the other end of this AN line, then you’ll connect this barb to the OEM barb with the 5/16” fuel injection hose and hose clamps.

One of the long lines goes from the front of the driver’s side rail to the front of the passenger side rail. The other long line goes from the rear of the pass side rail over toward the driver side rail. The other barb adaptor will go on the end of this line, and the 5/16” fuel injection hose will go from there to the inlet barb of the fuel pressure regulator, and secure with hose clamps. The fuel pressure regulator should be relocated to the driver’s side of the car, away from the heat of the turbocharger. You can mount it to one of the bolts on the intake manifold as you find fits with your intercooler design. The amount of hose provided is enough to give lots of flexibility in choosing an FPR location.