T1 Race Development Pro 14/PD4 harness instructions

The big red and big black wires need to go directly to battery power and ground.

The small red and blue wires twisted together are the tach output and the switched 12v power source into the Pro 14. Hook the small blue up to whatever needs to be driven by a tach signal (oem or aftermarket tach). Hook the small red wire up to a switched 12v power source. Make sure this source stays hot during cranking, otherwise while you’re cranking the ign box will turn off and the car won’t start.

The other bundle of wires near the ECU is the 4 trigger wires to the Pro 14. These will hook up to the 4 coil outputs at the ECU.

Brn/White – Coil #1 (cylinder 1)

Red/White – Coil #2 (cylinder 2)

Blu/White – Coil #3 (cylinder 3)

Yel/White – Coil #4 (cylinder 4)

The 8 pin DTM connector will hook directly up to the coil subharness, just plug it in and fire it up.

You will need to use Denso Iridium Spark plugs for the CBR coils, we recommend the IK24 up to 650whp, the IK27 up to 850whp, and the IK31 above 850whp.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call for tech support.


T1 Race Development