The STWGPOS is a linear voltage output sensor for monitoring the position of the wastegate. It is a 0-5v output signal when used with a 5v reference. The sensor has a range of motion of approximately .625 inch. The voltage signal can be measured and interpreted to display the position of the Wastegate valve or can be calibrated to percentage where 5v is closed and 0v is full travel or the wastegate position value could be derived from flowbench testing of the valve itself at different positions deriving actual volume flow of the wastegate if desired.

The wastegate sensor comes with a flying lead which has 3 wires on it. The pinout is as follows

1 = 0v reference – Black/White Tracer

2 = Signal – Black/Green Tracer (nearest to flat part of connector)

3 = 5v reference – Org/White Tracer (nearest to round part of connector)

When the sensor is wired in this manner, the output voltage will decrease with valve opening, if the opposite is desired, pins 1 and 3 can be reversed.

IMPORTANT!!!! – due to tolerances in the gate valves themselves, you should make sure the travel is not greater than the sensor can measure otherwise you can damage the sensor. Sensor tip can be ground down to provide clearance at full open.