*NOTE* - These files should be a .m1cal file extension.  Some browsers will change that when downloaded.  If so, just change the file extension of the downloaded file to .m1cal and then the M1 tune program should recognize it to open it. 

The downloads below are to be imported into M1 Tune injector linearization tables.   Right click in the table, Import / From File. 

There are also a few other parameters that need to be input.  The injector peak current, hold current, type, and min volume need to be as seen below for all ID fuel injectors. 

The Fuel Injector Reference Flow is to be set as noted below.  **Note - to change units for flow or pressure, hit 'Ctrl-N' to open the Parameter Properties window pictured, you can then choose cc/min for flow and bar for pressure. 

Reference Pressure for all ID injectors is 3 bar differential pressure, set to 3 bar as shown above.

Reference Flow:

ID725   - 715cc/min

ID850   - 885cc/min

ID1000 - 1015cc/min

ID1300 - 1340cc/min

ID1700 - 1725cc/min

ID2000 using gas - 2225cc/min

ID2000 using alcohol - 1890cc/min

Please contact tony@t1racedevelopment.com if you have any questions.