Plug n’ Play Data

There are many different Chrysler data sets out there, and we've tackled them as they've been brought to us.  

If you see a data set here with the same processor code as your car, that's the one you want to use.  

If you don't see a data set here with your processor code, check the general data sets titled 'Chrysler Diablosport CMR' for the injector size you're using.  If the data there matches the format in your ecu, you're good to go, plug it in and you're done.  

If none of these match the data format in your ecu, please contact us directly so we can relay what information we need from you to generate the data.   New data sets for Chrysler applications typically take 2-4 weeks to generate.   We understand that this can cause a hold up on your build and we appreciate your patience in this.   Unfortunately Chrysler didn't make this easy on anyone by using different data sets in different applications, and it takes some time to generate the complex OEM injector models.  

Please email for questions or custom data sets. 

Note - You can see the entire file title if you hover your mouse over it